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Douglas Adams:One of the problems of taking things apart and seeing how they work - supposing you're trying to find out how a cat works--you take that cat apart to see how it works, what you've got in your hands is a non-working cat. The cat wasn't a sort of clunky mechanism that was susceptible to our available tools of analysis.

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me is welcom●ing the gove◆rnment initiative●. "This is a〓 very welcome syst○em," said S〓erena Shao, a○ game plann■er at Our Game■ Co., Ltd. "It even〓 helps us to satisfy○ our customers. ●For example, we〓 will be able to● add d

iffere■nt elements 〓depending on the age■ of our players," Sh■ao said. "Som◆e elements may n●ot be suit●able for youths bu○t OK for adults,●" she explained●. "In th

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